Development of cloud computing: “Key” in the hands of local businesses

According to technology experts, 2015 will be the year of the market boom cloud when sufficient convergence factors such as service providers, the willingness of enterprises, mechanisms and policies … Especially , with the market expertise, language service providers in the country will have a special advantage when deploying these services. Ready If a few […]


Cloud computing in the knowledge society

Cloud computing is not simply a new technology, which is a revolutionary change in the nature of information technology and engineering … The origin of motivation Recalling the era of home computers, all information must be obtained from the host computer and basically the IBM host computer were dominate. Go to the personal computer era, […]


Public clouds, private and hybrid

Now you have an idea about what cloud computing is and what makes up a cloud computing solution, let us consider three main types of clouds. For the purpose of this article, we will look at the type when they relate to an enterprise consumer of cloud computing (Figure 1): • The public cloud is […]


Cloud Computing – The things you “should” know

This article will talk about the “cloud” – a term that is not really new, but surely many of you, especially the students still want to know about. Cloud Computing Talk to your cloud computing is divided into 3 floors. Floor Software, Platform Level, Level Infrastructure. And the term of 3 floors is SaaS, PaaS, […]


Arrest clouds computing for the enterprise

  Understanding cloud computing and related technologies Looking back over recent technology our, it’s clear that cloud computing trend was about time, since distributed computing and its related technologies (such as grid computing and SOA ) is widely accepted. Now the cloud, but still have many questions about this new technology. Part 1 of this […]


The three noticeable “rookies” on the cloud storage market

    The cloud storage service “cult” today as Dropbox, Google Drive and SugarSync though proved handy level and efficiency for users but are considered unsafe in sewing security credit. These files are encoded rarely, stitch data transfer often unprotected and cloud businesses can easily gain access to users’ files as “get something in their […]


Choose to use cloud storage service or an external hard drive?

    With the decreasing cost of cloud storage services each year, the online services will gradually beat in terms of the external hard drive prices. Recently, the company FindtheBest, a solutions company and integrated features for large data centers, information sharing user data unexpectedly, pointing out the mistakes or encountered by users. As you […]


Cloud and applications

In the past few years, cloud computing has created a revolution in the computer industry, a fundamental change of use of resources, operational structure as well as the storage, distribution and information processing In the past few years, cloud computing has created a revolution in the computer industry, a fundamental change of use of resources, […]


Google will give your genome to the cloud

Genomic cloud data of millions will be saved on the Google cloud, thereby helping new medical discoveries, as well as diagnostic methods become more complete. The first product in the field of genetics of the giant search company Google Genomics, a cloud service was released in March this year but almost unnoticed until the next […]


Azure narrowing the gap with Amazon Web Services

Amazon still monopolized throne cloud computing for several years, but under the Satya Nadella Microsoft showed its Azure platform is gradually teasing share of Amazon Web Services Last year, the developer of software cloud solutions K2 not rent Amazon’s cloud and switching to Microsoft services. Adriaan van Wyk According to him, the CEO of K2, […]


The next wave of enterprise about cloud computing

The concept of everything is determined by the software and new perspectives on enterprise cloud architecture is changing the way cloud technology is used in the production and trading. With the development of cloud technology, the way we offer cloud solutions for business change over, sometimes small cloud changes, but also at the cloud of […]


Hybrid cloud computing for business

The cloud is a pretty good plan for a new business. Business operations of new businesses can succeed or fail, and now how much investment in infrastructure? The answer will be very little if using public cloud computing. If successful business and traffic exchange large data (such as selling online, many people use applications …) […]


Hybrid Cloud Computing and Benefits

Hybrid model that combines the cloud computing platform to improve the flexibility and scalability to meet the operational needs of the business from information processing to the data store. Virtualization and cloud computing are two of the most popular technology in the past few years. These solutions are now accessible to the reduction of resources, […]


SEO with Tag Cloud and Tag

What are tags? Tag in English means the card or be able to understand the meaning correlate it as a label, particularly when you use Google then use it with the label with similar features. In summary, the tag is used to categorize or subgroup. For the website, the tag used to classify or […]


Close-up view of open source cloud

  1.Cai panorama of Cloud and OpenStack OpenSource The importance of open source cloud and the “revolt” of OpenStack in recent years is extremely strong. We can see, the story of the fashionable technology in the IT sector today is centered around three themes: Cloud, BigData, IoT. However, information on the headlining with many opinions, […]


Integrating CloudFlare with WordPress

CloudFlare is now one of the leading CDNs on the web. It has strategically placed servers worldwide to reduce the load time of your website by serving static files such as images, video, CSS, JavaScript from the data center is located close to most website visitors. In this tutorial, you will learn how to integrate […]


SOA and cloud computing

Cloud previously had many well-known technologies. There is utility computing, grid computing, virtualization, the hypervisor and a host of other technologies. A conception of technology is not always conducted cloud conversation (but definitely should) is SOA. SOA (service oriented architecture) has played a role to enable cloud computing to become what it is today and […]