Azure narrowing the gap with Amazon Web Services

Cloud Technology
Cloud Technology

Amazon still monopolized throne cloud computing for several years, but under the Satya Nadella Microsoft showed its Azure platform is gradually teasing share of Amazon Web Services

Last year, the developer of software cloud solutions K2 not rent Amazon’s cloud and switching to Microsoft services.

Adriaan van Wyk According to him, the CEO of K2, then said he was pleased to present this selection by tools for the development of the service very good and he likes Azure services personalized for each cloud client cuaMicrosoft .

However, occasionally Azure delayed, and specifically in the last 18/11 days, this service is “suspended” a few hours around the globe. And to ensure that business activities, Van Wyk decided to shift 5% of the infrastructure of the Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The story on the K2 shows Microsoft is trying to grab market share in the cloud with giant Amazon is currently leading the industry.

According to market cloud research group Synergy Research, in Q3 this year, Amazon’s market share with 27% of the global market for architectural services cloud computing infrastructure with a total value of 14.5 billion dollars, slightly down from with the same period last year was 28%, while market share in the same period rose Azure from 3% to 10%.

Two years ago, Amazon only had monopolized the top spot, but now has added a new counterweight to Microsoft.

While Amazon does not publish financial cloud details of each item on the AWS business in a financial report ending 30/9 the past, they also announced profits for total AWS business reach 1, 34 billion, up 40% over last year. Microsoft does not publish sales of Azure but Synergy expected annual growth rate of 136% since Azure last year.

Amazon announced cloud services since 2006, before Microsoft 4 years. According to vice president of global marketing of AWS, Mr. Ariel Kelman, so far, Amazon has been the largest cloud platform and has the cloud most depth.

As for Satya Nadella, has served as CEO of Microsoft in February this year, has brought the cloud as a top cloud priority in the reconstruction plan Microsoft. In his previous role as leader server and cloud division, Nadella spurred Others features of the cloud into a SQL database server and later launched versions for companies to deploy on secondary their own data center. He wanted people to have the idea that only one user Azure Windows and write cloud applications using the programming tools Microsoft’s .Net. To date, Azure supports Linux version 7, is open-source operating system, to compete directly with Windows.

Microsoft also is trying marketers to do web cloud companies, as well as objects that AWS focus towards. Microsoft support, sending staff to work with clients, charges $ 5,000 per month for a period of 1 year Azure. Microsoft said that 40% of customers Azure is now starting a business or retail software company.

One of Azure’s customers DocuSign, once developed software that helps users to save the signature. DocuSign decided to move server cloud infrastructure completely managed internally on Azure cloud computing. They have yet to turn the page to interact with customers on Azure Azure saying not enough stable, although this platform to improve over time.

When referring to the Azure Services stand today was 18/11, Jason Zander, vice president of Azure said, every company has encountered this problem. Meanwhile Microsoft has tried its best to re-boot the system as quickly as possible.

According to a Microsoft salesperson, every week, Azure has more than 10,000 newly registered clients. However, the name now famous technology like Airbnb, Spotify and Pinterest remain loyal customers of Amazon. Another challenge is Microsoft’s Amazon continuous proactive approach to this ancient key customer of Microsoft.

6 years ago, Amazon is almost no staff who specialize in selling solutions for business or personal support; So far they have several thousand people. During the conference re: Invent annually on AWS took place last month, Amazon held separate talks, along with the dinner, invite a few hundred now attend, but according to CEO Jeff Bezos, the Amazon that’s only part of the strategic approach to its business.

And in terms of platform, AWS announced Aurora, a new database engine, the cloud mayma array Microsoft each have strengths. And in the last months of this year, Microsoft is also launching a more robust software to run complex applications on the cloud, is a corner of the AWS service which was rather slow run.

Microsoft also has another advantage is the price. As for Amazon, whether business sectors but Amazon constantly repeated that they are willing to give away their profits to protect market share.Данильченко Юрий отзывы

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