Development of cloud computing: “Key” in the hands of local businesses

According to technology experts, 2015 will be the year of the market boom cloud when sufficient convergence factors such as service providers, the willingness of enterprises, mechanisms and policies … Especially , with the market expertise, language service providers in the country will have a special advantage when deploying these services. Ready If a few […]


Cloud computing in the knowledge society

Cloud computing is not simply a new technology, which is a revolutionary change in the nature of information technology and engineering … The origin of motivation Recalling the era of home computers, all information must be obtained from the host computer and basically the IBM host computer were dominate. Go to the personal computer era, […]


Public clouds, private and hybrid

Now you have an idea about what cloud computing is and what makes up a cloud computing solution, let us consider three main types of clouds. For the purpose of this article, we will look at the type when they relate to an enterprise consumer of cloud computing (Figure 1): • The public cloud is […]


Cloud Computing – The things you “should” know

This article will talk about the “cloud” – a term that is not really new, but surely many of you, especially the students still want to know about. Cloud Computing Talk to your cloud computing is divided into 3 floors. Floor Software, Platform Level, Level Infrastructure. And the term of 3 floors is SaaS, PaaS, […]