SEO with Tag Cloud and Tag

What are tags? Tag in English means the card or be able to understand the meaning correlate it as a label, particularly when you use Google then use it with the label with similar features. In summary, the tag is used to categorize or subgroup. For the website, the tag used to classify or […]


Close-up view of open source cloud

  1.Cai panorama of Cloud and OpenStack OpenSource The importance of open source cloud and the “revolt” of OpenStack in recent years is extremely strong. We can see, the story of the fashionable technology in the IT sector today is centered around three themes: Cloud, BigData, IoT. However, information on the headlining with many opinions, […]


Integrating CloudFlare with WordPress

CloudFlare is now one of the leading CDNs on the web. It has strategically placed servers worldwide to reduce the load time of your website by serving static files such as images, video, CSS, JavaScript from the data center is located close to most website visitors. In this tutorial, you will learn how to integrate […]


SOA and cloud computing

Cloud previously had many well-known technologies. There is utility computing, grid computing, virtualization, the hypervisor and a host of other technologies. A conception of technology is not always conducted cloud conversation (but definitely should) is SOA. SOA (service oriented architecture) has played a role to enable cloud computing to become what it is today and […]