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Choose to use cloud storage service or an external hard drive?



With the decreasing cost of cloud storage services each year, the online services will gradually beat in terms of the external hard drive prices.

Recently, the company FindtheBest, a solutions company and integrated features for large data centers, information sharing user data unexpectedly, pointing out the mistakes or encountered by users.

As you know, the external cloud storage media is fast, safe from hackers, but are sensitive to physical factors such as fire, humidity, the risk of hard drive failure or theft. In addition, cloud storage solutions to provide reliable service and continuous. But the slower pace and in theory easily hurt by the hacker. Temporarily ignoring the usual controversy and concentrate on the price factor. Assuming that your data will not be stolen, hijacked by hackers or worse burn to ashes in the fire 1, solutions will cut your pocket less, clouds or external cloud storage?

Company FindTheBest, with experience of working with over 400 external hard drives from multiple vendors, as well as more than 80 services online back-up name, will give us a new perspective on this cloud issue. They found that, for external storage plans, pricing and storage capacity increases with a linear way. Which means, the more you store, the more you pay. Usually there will be between 10 and 50 cents (equivalent to 2115-10575 contract) for a gigabyte of data. Here is a chart price / 1 gigabyte of hard drive on the market.

However, the back-up cloud services online that offer broader services, with more features and different prices. For example, the service with the highest level encryption capabilities provide better, more recovery points (restore point, such as recovery of 60 months, 2 months and 2 days ago) … Therefore, prices for 1 gigabyte can range from a few pennies to $ 10 or more expensive. Below is a chart showing the price of one common cloud services.
So choose to use cloud storage service or an external hard drive?

Demand for small cloud storage: 0 to 20 GB

If you need to store several gigabytes of image data or text, is still the most convenient service for online storage. There are so many services to choose from as Box or Dropbox, free for the first 5 to 10GB. Two service adrive and MEGA gives you 50GB for free. However, only a few obstacles to worry, it’s free storage capacity and restrictions on the number of devices used.

The best choice: the cloud storage service for free.

Demand for cloud storage, back-up base: from 20 to 100 GB

You are a basic user needs not too big. However, with around 20 to 100GB capacity very little free service provided to you, need to add a charge is not very big for capacity expansion. External hard drives are not wise choice in this case. A 100GB hard drive costs about 1 to 4 USD / gigabyte- relatively expensive. Therefore, using the storage services as inexpensive as hubiC, Box Starter or Home to more reasonable OpenDrive.

The best choice: cloud storage solutions inexpensive.

Demand for advanced back-up: from 100GB to 500GB

This service is available for users who need to store cloud data such as store large amounts of HD movies or small office. You will spend about 42 cents / gigabyte a year with online cloud storage services, while only 41 cents / gigabyte external drive for the plan – do not differ too much. However, about 90% of the hard drive die within 3 years, the duration of this ability will drive double die every year. Therefore, if you have the ability to replace a new hard drive in 3 years, it is more economical when compared to 41 cents for the hard drive with 3 year using online cloud storage service (3×42 cents = 1.26 USD).

With 10% more likely to die within the first hard drive using the first year, the price will team up 82 cents / gigabyte of data. However, not all hard drives such sudden death, so if the data is not so important, external hard cloud drives are a great choice for this case.
The best choice: an external hard drive.

The demand for back-up big: 500 GB to 1 TB

With 3 years to use online services, this need will cost you about 36 cents / gigabytes of data, while for 3 years using an external hard drive will cost about 21 / gigabyte data and add about 15 cents in case of hard drive failure early. Prices do not vary too much really, so you can choose any solution also, depending on your condition.

The best choice: an external hard drive or the same cloud storage, selected depending on the condition of use of the user.

The demand for back-up big: more than 1TB

With this demand, the choice will be much simpler. External hard drives are also relatively efficient, will average 12 cents / gigabyte. But cloud storage is more cost effective solution, prices will drop by a factor of data used and the 3-year service users will only cost you 4 cents / gigabyte of data.

The best choice: the online storage service.

Finally, with the price decreasing trend of cloud storage services each year, the online services will gradually beat in terms of the external hard drive prices. It would be wise to back up data with the second option. But finally, external hard drives will eventually go into the past as the CD once.Александр Фильчаков


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