Close-up view of open source cloud


1.Cai panorama of Cloud and OpenStack OpenSource

The importance of open source cloud and the “revolt” of OpenStack in recent years is extremely strong. We can see, the story of the fashionable technology in the IT sector today is centered around three themes: Cloud, BigData, IoT. However, information on the headlining with many opinions, comments sometimes makes it difficult to identify fake, right and wrong. This affects directly to the engineers have been doing cloud and deeper, it is extremely profound influence to strategic long-term technological development of the company, corporate IT and telecommunications.

Cloud is a concept (abstraction) covers a lot of ground segment IT knowledge. Open source cloud itself is very flexible, “sensitive”, changing the ecosystem, giving users both the vendor and the complexity and uncertainty of it. Some big he noticed the importance of opensource cloud has been pouring a lot of physical and material of the desire to occupy the market share of this technology in the future. And of course OpenStack as “tools” are indispensable in this game. Only thing …….

• In a previous meeting of the entire staff worldwide cloud array of Ericsson, manager of cloud have said something that made the entire staff “silenced”: We do not know the project development our cloud system will go, I do not know anymore. Well, we just do it, let the future answered. An extremely uncertain future.

• HP has officially left the game Public Cloud. With giants like HP, seemed to dominate the cloud market will have many advantages, but the situation is completely different. The HP no character “special, special” in their products on the cloud that they tried to find exits in all these years and finally had “death” Public Cloud. Count “special, special” is? For Huawei, Ericsson was the Telco Cloud platform backed telco. A variety of corporations worldwide telco like AT & T (USA), Docomo (Japan), Telefonica (Spain), etc. has been using Ericsson’s legacy product, currently leads must shift to cloud for a simple reason: Almost the only new Ericsson technology telco grasp.

• General Rules back OpenStack also just a “tool” open source, is used to build the so-called “open source cloud”. In the previous long-term war with CloudStack, Eucalyptus or now with Juju, OpenStack has showed its superiority Vietnam. However, it is only the “pros Vietnam” for opensource cloud platforms, and for general cloud, OpenStack is still a little boy toddler first steps. With aggressive marketing plan, OpenStack makes users very easily fall into the trap “vague”, something like: OpenStack is something sublime, this era is the era of OpenStack, just install OpenStack is there will be clouds, etc. The fact indicates that, simply we look backwards a little with the clause above, we will see the real state of the open source OpenStack and cloud.

• One other big guns in the SAP software technologies, to opensource cloud, they have been using OpenStack, but only the level of “exploration”. They remain confident of VMware cloud, all of SAP software products are mainly run on. From the perspective of IT, cloud opensource is still something that needs to be verified ????

2.Van concerns putting applications onto the cloud platform

Another interesting story is the one day while working, an engineer of Web applications run up to me to ask a series of questions about virtualization infrastructure for his application. Currently this application is running on a virtual machine with OpenStack cloud platform, of course, use a variety of techniques such as CPU pinning, NUMA topology, or network trunking, VLANs, etc to cater to the application itself . He asked me about a job that is: How to manage the network bandwidth because this feature is extremely necessary for him. After some discussion, we agreed with this opinion, it is to note and invited him down to SDN SDN room for more technical because it is clear that at the present time, infrastructure can not do this.

3. Create the achievements in the field of cloud opensource

There are many companies, corporations and sectors are now approaching the cloud opensource applications to serve the purpose of the units there. We also had a lot of debate: If we upgrade the infrastructure of their units to the cloud is complete, then what? Instead of managing and maintaining the old system, we now manage, maintain cloud? This question is extremely sensitive and very difficult to answer, please cede the CEO and CTO, have not we could agree at some points below:

• Synchronization of opensource cloud is a lot of background knowledge sectors IT, so the achievement of cloud is also the achievement of these components (Yes or not, if we consider the tool as Fuel (Mirantis) Compass (Alibaba) as well as the “achievements” of opensource cloud?), it is clear that the world has been implementing this idea with a fiercely competitive and extremely fierce. We also found that, even with the tool like Fuel, it was not the work of 1.2 people, of a small group that is the work of a collective with a large investment for research and development segment development.

• The successful startup in the field of cloud tend to choose one of the pieces of the cloud such as virtualization, networking, storage, etc. with the desire to create achievement, bringing value to use for users, however we need to be aware of that, the starting point of that are very sustainable startup technical resources as well as capital as well as infrastructure.

Through this we can see that, in the game in the cloud is not for individuals, not for collective investment with the superficial, which is one solid foundation of technical resources as well as the long investment term physical and developmental strategies. Desiring to create success, the value used for the user is always the destination of all professions in the IT sector. Let’s wait and see who will be the winner!лобановский александр

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