Cloud computing in the knowledge society

Cloud computing is not simply a new technology, which is a revolutionary change in the nature of information technology and engineering …

The origin of motivation

Recalling the era of home computers, all information must be obtained from the host computer and basically the IBM host computer were dominate. Go to the personal computer era, the information can be obtained from on their desks. The revolution of the personal computer (PC) has produced a series of well-known companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Intel … also promote US economic development and scientific and technical background leads world for 20 years. But the development of the PC always faced a dilemma: the capabilities and functionality of each individual computers are not fully used, the information is not shared in a way that efficiently and conveniently By the way, the cost is quite high. Along with the development of telecommunications networks, particularly broadband communication networks and the emergence of “the simulation software”, they were able to concentrate computing power and storage capacity with together and put on the “Network” and the need to use it again through “networks” that took place, and thus spurred the advent of cloud computing.

Several years ago, we saw the fire rekindled change of cloud computing. Since 2010 small fire had started fires flare up and become flames of a revolution is to that particular manifestation of it in place in all the structure of the information technology (IT) are the the new company was born. There are new chips are manufactured, whether ARM chip (Advanced RISK Machine – is 32 bit microprocessor company ARM Holdings by design) open road or the new generation 86-bit chip, all structures demolished Intel’s tradition. A new type of company SaaS (Software-as-a-Service, Software as a service) has emerged. The company provides next-generation servers, also arrived. These servers are not the same as the previous server have simple standards that are the statutory server “cloud”. Now we may come across data centers installed in a suitcase, thus making the cost and time to build a traditional data center as it dropped a lot. The entire IT industry is taking steps to change revolutionary.

The core of this change reflected on 3 sides. The first is cheap. Why the era of the PC is called a revolution? Because of its price compared to the master computer a lot cheaper. End of the revolution in cloud computing, the price of the terminal of the user must be under $ 100, even more cheap and cost for storage will go down very much.
The second is simple and convenient. Today tablets than PCs previously more popular because it is accessible and can be controlled. We are enjoying a huge amount of information from the Internet. However, this information is not held back but as pieces from multiple vendors. In the future, when the era of cloud computing has matured, the process of turning information into knowledge is a process of control, manage, edit, and deepen the information. The era of cloud computing is like the invention of printing techniques. The essence of it is to make the entire computing environment and knowledge increasingly cheaper. Knowledge can be concentrated during processing and centralized data processing provides the information changes. This process has made the universal knowledge and labor productivity is improving markedly.

Cloud computing – the soul of innovation and creativity

Youth Vietnam today like Internet access, like tablets, respect Steve Jobs – one of the founders of the “apple” and has not been to Vietnam. Why so ? Because they are found in Bill Gates, Steve Jobs in the spirit of the entrepreneur not afraid to fail, risking to innovation and creativity. iPhone and iPad are products that make ideal of Steve Jobs, “Let the people have the power.” 5/2011, when Steve Jobs demonstrated iCloud, everyone thought that his ideal final dock. “The cloud” will store an unlimited knowledge, knowledge that can receive very cheap and very convenient. That is the ideal of Steve Jobs, the criteria for the advancement of human civilization.

Appstore, iCloud are typical applications of “cloud”. Cloud computing is an innovation be revolutionary for the whole industry.

Cloud computing is taking us from “industrial society” to social progress “knowledge and wisdom”. It is a society with a higher performance, more energy efficient, progressive and civilized than because then people can receive knowledge cheaply than ever before.

Entering 2012, the cloud is thriving under 4 major trends: the growth of mobile cloud (Mobile Cloud), the proliferation of hybrid cloud (Hybrid Cloud), the evolution of security cloud and software services (SaaS) expanded into IT services (ITaaS). Many countries see the era of cloud computing is an opportunity for them to leap forward. Especially China, with a population of over 1.3 billion people is the largest market, the most efficient application “cloud” and the word will flourish more creativity and innovation. As early as 2010, the African Mission, boss of Huawei Corporation – manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and IT top Chinese and world No. 3 has exhorted the entire group march into the cloud and set goal in a few years catching up and surpassing Cisco and Google in this field.topcargo отзывы сотрудников

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