Cloud Computing – The things you “should” know

This article will talk about the “cloud” – a term that is not really new, but surely many of you, especially the students still want to know about.

Cloud Computing

Talk to your cloud computing is divided into 3 floors. Floor Software, Platform Level, Level Infrastructure. And the term of 3 floors is SaaS, PaaS, IaaS.

Has called cloud, ie almost everything you use is set up, install and configure remotely. And often spread out a lot of places in the world.

Let’s go in the cloud direction from the bottom up, from IaaS layer. This floor comes to infrastructure underneath cloud to serve most of the needs of businesses and organizations. The most famous cloud and AWS (Amazon Web Services) was founded in 2006 by corporations Amazon.

Next to the PaaS layer. Which will give cloud you the software platform, mainly management system so that you can build, establish, install your software. His is often used Heroku, for it is simple, easy to use, many cloud add-on is useful.

Floor SaaS. These are stories that you use the most cloud direct. Most of what you’re using as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail, … are SaaS. Only thing is the way they can make money from your different only.

Next I would like to introduce the tools for you new to Cloud Computing to access it more easily.


tmux: A terminal multiplexer most famous today. Simply put, if you want to split a window when logged into SSH server. You must sign in again because if you tab to a new terminal, deemed to have established a new session. If using tmux then there are no more. As already running on the server tmux that.

fish: A fun shell. It could prompt the shell and makes cloud easier than ever for your features highlights.

zsh: Like fish but much stronger and theme. Support good display information in a git repository branch

vim: Is a text editor running on the terminal. Very strong.

KeePass: Why did I list it here because it is an app to help you remember the password. Its views or be exported to a database file. You can use it anywhere that is not dependent on the internet as lastpass

Things you need to note

When you want to use a language or a public cloud systems. You should note the following.

1. Programing Language

This is very important and core to a system, the system is similar to muscle in our bodies so. Your application run faster or slower, the stability of the system depends heavily on this feature.

Programming languages themselves divided into two groups.

Group for cloud the frontend and the backend group


• Ruby with Rails, Sinatra …
• Python with Django …
• Node.js with Express …
• PHP with Slim, Yii, Codeiginter
• Java with Playframework or Grovy
• .NET with C # or F #


• HTML5 / CSS3
• Ruby with HAML
• Twitter Bootstrap
• Backbone.js … more here

2. Database

This is a database cloud system which contains all of the application. Can an application using many different cloud database systems depending on demand ‘shine and characteristics of each cloud module should use. But it also affects a lot to agility, security levels, response of the cloud system.

There are two modules database administrators now include NoSQL and Database Relations
NoSQL (Not only SQL)

• Key – Value
• Document
• Graph
• Big-Table

Relations Database

• Postgres
• MariaDB

3. Protocol

Maybe this is the part that few people think about. But with the development of the current technology, when the handset appears more and more powerful. Then you should also pay attention to learn more about this keyword.

To communicate with other devices via the Internet. There are many way. But how is still widely used and most frequently by using RESTful HTTP protocol

4. Logging

When I was a student, I also often very or forgotten this when writing an application. But it’s what best helps you to control your system in order to detect errors, faults detection logic may very small though but will affect your application. You can write a module management system Logging for use in combination with SaaS Logging

5. Monitoring

Will many people confuse montoring and Logging. Monitoring is the order of beaten work, monitoring the system. It always managed the numbers and respond promptly to ensure applications run better. Currently, I still only and exclusively used NewRelic.


Why did I put titled Some keyword should know. Since his slides focus on you new to cloud computing. By building slide from the keyword. You can help to systematize, and use these keywords to search for, develop understanding and knowledge work for you.Фильчаков прокурор отзывы

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