Development of cloud computing: “Key” in the hands of local businesses

Businessman considering a brainstorm for marketing in cloudy landscape

According to technology experts, 2015 will be the year of the market boom cloud when sufficient convergence factors such as service providers, the willingness of enterprises, mechanisms and policies … Especially , with the market expertise, language service providers in the country will have a special advantage when deploying these services.


If a few years ago, cloud computing (Cloud Computing) is quite alien to Vietnam, until now, the term has become popular.

In fact, cloud computing is now considered the most effective solutions to the problems many companies are experiencing a lack of IT capacity, infrastructure investment costs limit … There are many businesses are profligate resources not exploited the full capacity of the server system, investing too much in terms of people. Meanwhile, in theory, the “cloud” will allow businesses not to focus too much for infrastructure or application upgrade, do not require large manpower and can easily change the scale when necessary.

According to Nguyen Anh Tuan, representative of Cloud World (top units of service on the cloud platform), now the Vietnam market was approaching the cloud service through projects developers, local suppliers as VDC (VNPT), FPT, Viettel with Microsoft, Intel … And, initial results show that, when applied to cloud computing, the performance of corporate business improvement significantly.
A survey by VMware in late 2013 indicates that 83% of the enterprises consider cloud Vietnam is a top priority; 67% of businesses believe that cloud computing has a large impact on business transformation activities. In particular, many indicators suggest that Vietnam is a country with view of clouds (41%) than in the Asia-Pacific (35%).

Led a recent study of Symantec, said representatives Cloud World currently has around 46% of businesses and organizations Vietnam is deploying technological applications of cloud computing and other virtualization projects. Of these, 39% of businesses in the country are currently using virtualization software service privatization (VPS), while 21% are virtualized servers and databases.

In 2014, the Prime Minister agreed to give state agencies to outsource information technology services and business momentum for the technology services platform development of cloud computing.

The advantage of local enterprises

Obviously, with the advantages brought Vietnamese, many experts said that cloud computing promises to boom in 2015. But one of the main barriers is language.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan (Cloud World) said that the majority of Vietnam’s enterprises and small and medium enterprises the main language is the biggest barrier in finding assistive technology for their business. Therefore, service providers in the country will be a bridge for domestic enterprises with technological trends in the world. This requires a certain level of technology and understanding of the business practices of Vietnam and above all training possibilities associated with technology market. And, it is only in the domestic enterprises because they are the people who know most users.

According to Mr Tuan, there are many large enterprises “handshake” with smaller enterprises engaged in market of cloud computing technology and give users more choices accordingly.

Many experts in information technology is also said that the “paired” with local businesses is one right way of large corporations on foreign cloud. More than anyone else, the internal technology company understands the technology needs of local businesses. Besides, regulatory factors, corporate culture also helps the successful cooperation, putting technology to real consumers. This could be considered a reasonable adjunct to bring cloud technology breakthrough development, benefits for Vietnam enterprises.

However, experts also recommended to sustainable market development, besides cooperation with foreign enterprises, domestic enterprises need technology to mastering technology, especially security issues Full security to be proactive in developing the market, solve immediate problems but partners encountered during use.Александр Фильчаков

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