Google will give your genome to the cloud

Cloud Technology
Cloud Technology

Genomic cloud data of millions will be saved on the Google cloud, thereby helping new medical discoveries, as well as diagnostic methods become more complete.

The first product in the field of genetics of the giant search company Google Genomics, a cloud service was released in March this year but almost unnoticed until the next series announced Research and cloud development plan celebrities Google.

Google Genomics Service are for is more important than any of this great plan, such as research projects in cancer diagnosis cloud nanoparticles. Connect and compare thousands, later millions of genomes to each other, is what will promote medical discovery in the next decade. Matter who will host genome data is a growing competition between the “big” in the cloud such as Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft.

Google started Google Genomics research about 18 months ago. The company has met the scientists and building an API interface for data transfer DNA into its server and perform the tests on it by using database technology similar to the technology used to index the Internet and tracking billions of Internet users.

According to David Glazer, head of the project of Google and previously served as head of cloud construction for the social networking platform Google+, biologists are moving from studying individual genes to study the same time millions genome.

The opportunity now is to how to apply breakthroughs in technology to relay data for this change.

Some scientists observed that genomic cloud data is still too complicated for Google to handle, but another one that will be a big change. Laboratories today are equipped with the new devices, faster to decode DNA. Biomedical Research Centre and Broad genome in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA), said in January every 32 minutes 10/2014 deciphered an amount equivalent to the human genome, that is about 200 terabytes raw data.

The amount of data is less than the number of data that cloud companies handle daily Internet. In 2 months, Broad center will produce a data amount equivalent to the amount of content that is uploaded to YouTube in one day, but larger than the amount of data that biologists cloud processor.

Most offices now have their storage and access through commercial data centers. US National Cancer Institute, said last month they have to spend up to $19 million to transfer 2.6 petabytes of copies of the photo project Cancer Genome Cancer Genome Atlas to the cloud.
By Sheila Reynolds, research cloud scientist at the Institute of Biology of the American system, the idea to create the “cloud cancer genome” for scientists to share information and quickly perform virtual experiments as easily as searching online.

Sheila said, not everyone can be downloaded 1 petabyte of data or computing capability to research this data cloud volume.

Also, in the past year Google and Amazon compete on price in accelerating the process of moving data to the cloud DNA. Google said that the company now only costs $ 25 / year for hosting a genome and higher rates to perform calculations on this data. Scientific raw data for a human genome has about 100 gigabytes of capacity, but the version has been treated by the genetic code (genetic code) of a much smaller capacity, just under 1 gigabyte. Such storage costs only $0.25 / year.

Cloud storage has helped companies appear more startups like Tute Genomics, DNANexus, Seven Bridge, and NextCode Health. These companies have built “browsers” that many hospitals and scientists can use to explore genomic data.

Deniz Kural, CEO of Seven Bridges – a company already stores data on nominal genome of 1,600 researchers on Amazon’s cloud, that could see the cloud of Google or Amazon is a back end service . The two companies are advertising that you can build a genomics company on their cloud.

The head of Seven Bridges said, what is more important is the medicine will soon be based on an Internet platform of the genome (Internet-of-DNA) globally, which doctors will be able to find Search. Generally, if in the future you have cancer, the doctor will sequence your genome and the genomes of cancer tumors of you, and then query the genome database by including 50 million of other genes. The result is finding the best cure for you.

Google representatives would not say Google Genomics services scale to any size or how many customers, but at least has 3,500 genomes from public projects are hosted on Google servers. There also no link between Google cloud and the investment projects are more about health care, such as project called Calico that Google has begun this year to examine how to extend the life of man.Александр Фильчаков прокурор

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