Hybrid Cloud Computing and Benefits

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid model that combines the cloud computing platform to improve the flexibility and scalability to meet the operational needs of the business from information processing to the data store.

Virtualization and cloud computing are two of the most popular technology in the past few years. These solutions are now accessible to the reduction of resources, increase application support and the most important thing is to save money townhouse architectural design. In addition to migrating to the cloud, businesses are still trying to find additional ways to expand the operational capabilities without increasing budget and the cloud now joins the game.

Cloud computing services are a hybrid combination of cloud and public internal or cloud services from multiple providers. To give real solutions “hybrid” mode of operation in the enterprise must be able to share and exchange information from other clouds.

The most tangible benefits of combining internal cloud and external cloud is increasing scalability without upgrading infrastructure, advanced form aluminum glass doors. However, when assessing the opposite of security features, it also has many limitations such as difficulty controlling data security, backup capabilities, increasing the likelihood of data loss …

Hybrid cloud computing gives businesses the ability to control the diverse data, speed up access between systems and applications … But with some businesses are simply set 2 cloud and work. This article will PCWorld Vietnam to provide information about how it works, some important features and benefits while using hybrid cloud.

Hybrid cloud computing is what?

Most individuals or businesses are aware of the internal cloud and public cloud. These are two fundamental scale is built to contain or share data from multiple sources. Public clouds are shown quite clearly with the renowned service providers from Amazon, Google, Dropbox … The internal cloud is simply designed specifically to operate in a business / family / group … and not allow external users to participate except authorized use cheap aluminum glass doors in Hanoi. Data from internal cloud can be accessed through the firewall, or from outside through some form of VPN security. Operating costs and resources will soar if you want to extend the system

Hybrid cloud computing is simply a combination of two or more cloud computing platform, which can be jointly used for different purposes. The purpose of the combination of platforms such as this will give better performance when combined using the services of another provider or extend operability thanks to the option of public cloud services .

It is important here to have access to both cloud computing platform different, whether it be public or internal, not instantly give you a hybrid solution. For many businesses, the hybrid cloud is a combination of a cloud computing platform internally for solutions to expand the scale of third parties. In order to truly hybrid solution, businesses must be able to share or exchange information from a different cloud.

Hybrid cloud operations like?

When businesses have available an internal cloud to use, but after some time the need to improve the performance scale, particularly as increasing storage capacity, data transfer speed … Options depending on the infrastructure foundation of internal clouds that businesses are taking, whether it is compatible with the available solutions of third parties, businesses can work with suppliers to establish an external clouds for additional performance using aluminum and glass facades construction. Since then the business will have more space to use as well as the new features of the vendors, enabling more solutions in communication activities, storage, data sharing.

Configuration of hybrid cloud networks are defined by a series of applications based on the cloud is used.

For example, in the model using the software as a service (SaaS), the user is provided access to software applications and databases. As in the case of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), the performance actually located in the cloud. This function requires the identification of the virtual machine (VM) is concerned. Virtual machine IP address and Media Access Control (MAC) are used for identification. Each device in an Ethernet network has a unique MAC address. MAC address filtering restrict user access to the network based on the MAC address. IaaS providers including Amazon CloudFormation, Amazon EC2, Windows Azure Virtual Machines, DynDNS, Google Compute Engine.

Benefits of Hybrid clouds

When it comes to new technology, one of the first things businesses are concerned about the cost. With cloud computing, most enterprises have (or will) have invested internal cloud, thus putting an external cloud into the enterprise is not required to spend funds to upgrade infrastructure internal. Instead, most of the third-party services are often paid for each use, and want to use time is up now. With the recent trend of virtualization and consolidation in the data center, cloud computing can also support future in freeing internal resources. Specifically, as the storage of the data, information, mission-critical applications will be placed behind the firewall’s internal systems, and cloud services platform will be a failover.
Businesses can cut internal storage capacity because you can move all the more unnecessary data outside your cloud storage on site and only the most important data. But because the two are connected cloud, enterprises can always retrieve data at any time and put it back under his control.

Hybrid cloud support handle peak – many a time when the ability to handle internal cloud can not meet the needs of businesses. But service providers can deal with this because they have many customers with peak loads at different times and re-allocation of resources with relatively low costs.прокурор Фильчаков

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