Hybrid cloud computing for business

The cloud is a pretty good plan for a new business. Business operations of new businesses can succeed or fail, and now how much investment in infrastructure? The answer will be very little if using public cloud computing. If successful business and traffic exchange large data (such as selling online, many people use applications …) at this point the cost of public clouds is very high. And investment in the internal cloud will have the opposite effect than the above situations, ie large initial costs, but operating costs will decrease over time. To ensure the safety reserve (success or failure), the hybrid cloud is an important solution both can cut costs while ensuring overcome risks.

The important thing to remember about the future of cloud computing is that even if it can bring many benefits for a business that is not necessarily suitable for businesses of all sizes. Hybrid cloud systems for large enterprises to more complex. The small and medium-sized enterprises can both virtualization and cloud medium build local, internal cloud or public cloud will suit them more as a hybrid cloud. Among the companies using hybrid cloud is about 75% of them were laying the foundation of an internal cloud. Many CIOs have adopted cloud service for businesses, but they also acknowledge that the system equipment classic platform will not change. And for this CIO cloud solutions will ultimately be the internal system.

For businesses already using hybrid cloud solution is quite flexible and easy to fit a variety of environments. Hybrid models bring more value as additional capabilities as needed to improve performance of the infrastructure.

Hybrid clouds fit any business?

Data storage is growing at 35% per year, Aberdeen Group and Gartner research firm predicts that 50% of enterprises will use cloud technology hybrid in 2017.

The cloud-based applications has exploded in recent years. Symbiotic services, mobile applications, system customer relationship management and document storage services have truly changed the lives of users and workers in large and small businesses. Many CIOs to at this time are considered cloud as a resource rather than an application delivery platform. And they use cloud computing platform as infrastructure services (IaaS).

If CIOs think their businesses fit hybrid cloud computing, and the question arises time you should think up playing sufficiency in implementing this system. Many warnings were given in the context of hybrid cloud computing at this time, especially the data security issues when placed on the service provider 3, it will cause a lot of restrictions in choosing select the system in the future. However, hopefully in the near future there will be compatibility standards are set. And hybrid cloud computing will continue to grow because it is a collection of platform features and flexibility of the service. If possible, businesses should start by building and optimizing cloud computing internally with the necessary functionality. Enterprises have to negotiate with a service provider for third parties specific terms, and the ability to move into the future while public cloud ready. As with any new technology, users always need to be prepared to wait for a period limited to perfect technologies in the future.

In the historical process data technology, enterprises have gone from servers to PCs, to cloud servers and will come back again. A hybrid computing solution to compensate for the limitations of cloud computing in general, but the huge growth of cloud computing technology hybrid prove only that it is still a long way to go before expectations and achieve efficient and safe. Client or by persons not even interested Electical cloud, they do their work and performance, the convenience is what they want is provided.

Some common terms and definitions of cloud technologies

InterCloud: this could be a future concept, it is similar to the Internet. Service will be a group of clouds combine to create a unique environment.

Overdrafting: This is an application scenarios using all available resources are becoming overloaded and activity is gradually slowing down or can not use.

Cloudbursting: capability allows transfer of data or applications between internal clouds to public clouds in my spare time. Then the system can use the resources of the public cloud to continue operating normally

Load balancing: Balance transfer is the ability to allow spreading the workload on system resources. This is a feature that enables improved performance and efficiency of the application.

Elastic scaling: This is a feature that creates a storage solution to expand or establish the possibility that the system can handle at certain times, this is the most powerful feature of most hybrid cloud environment and it helps against overdrafting and other issues.
According to a report from 2011 by Ipanema Technologies (www.ipanematech.com), the majority of the 150 CIOs and IT managers surveyed are planning to use hybrid cloud platform for their businesses at the end of 2015 . And at the moment to present “Technology and hybrid cloud” became one of 10 leading strategic trend of industry 2013-2014.

According to a recent study of VMware survey showed that 83% of enterprises consider cloud Vietnam is a top priority, and 67% of businesses say that cloud computing has a large impact on economic transformation activities Business.

There are many benefits from the use of hybrid clouds, but since then has appeared numerous security vulnerabilities requires enterprises should focus. The warnings from the use of public cloud will remain in effect for hybrid clouds as the potential loss of data, difficult to ensure privacy, the data is out of control, the ability to recover sensitive data. Through the survey, 25% of enterprises surveyed have no plans against data loss (Data Loss Prevention), a truly effective. And with about 32% of Vietnamese enterprises have not implemented systems, effective control BYOD trend.лобановский харьков

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