Integrating CloudFlare with WordPress

CloudFlare is now one of the leading CDNs on the web. It has strategically placed servers worldwide to reduce the load time of your website by serving static files such as images, video, CSS, JavaScript from the data center is located close to most website visitors.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to integrate your CloudFlare WordPress site.

Speed and security are two of the website performance parameters often been discussed between the programmer and designer. Not only that they have a direct impact to the end user that they may believe strongly in the statistics of Google when determining the search engine ranking of the website. Over the years, Google has repeatedly clarified that web page load time is an important factor to analyze and rank sites.

When you analyze the performance and the speed of your website by Google’s Page Speed tool Insights, using a CDN or content distribution network will normally be an important hint if the low performance of the website. You do not understand what is CDN? Please continue reading this article!

In this tutorial, you will learn the details of a named CloudFlare CDN. I will also explain the basic concepts and benefits of a CDN to you no confusion about this topic.

CloudFlare CND is what?

In simple terms, if you buy a domain name and website hosting services, hosting companies provide all the data stored in a data center is located in a certain city. When someone in your website, a request is sent from the user’s web browser to the data center is hosting your website, then download the user’s computer. Your page load speed will vary depending on the distance between the user’s location and data center sites hosting the files of your website. In most cases, this has caused the delay of the page load time for different requirements are to be forwarded from the user’s computer to your data center.

A content delivery network solve this problem by placing copies of static data in your website in multiple data centers in many different geographic locations. When someone in your website, a CDN service data your website from the data center users ever closer. Natural results pages will load faster and reduce the rate of people leaving your website (bounce rate).

Benefits of CDN

The main benefits of a CDN is speeding up page loading considerably. This benefit creates other advantages. Here is a brief look on some advantages in it.

Increased accessibility

For any single domain, browsers have a limit on the number of concurrent connections. For example, if a browser allowing 4 simultaneous connections to a domain, and a user is simultaneously download four different file from that domain, then the user must wait at least one of these tasks it finished downloading before you can start downloading the file Thursday. But thanks to CDN store files on different domains, websites using CDN can enable many more concurrent connections for each user.

Reduce the percentage of leaves website

Speed, an efficient when using CDN, resulted in minimizing the rate of leaving your website. Google uses this ratio as an indicator leave appropriate number for the site. Leave low ratio will improve your search rankings.

Better Access Management

Using CDN, your website will be better equipped to handle the increased traffic. So even though there is a time to access food, the sudden increase your website remains online.

Lower costs for website

If you are using a hosting service bandwidth limit, a CDN can reduce the cost of your website significantly by serving all your static files from the CDN servers. This will reduce the load on your website bandwidth and allows you to serve more data for the same price.

CloudFlare CDN is what?

CloudFlare is one of the leading CDN for web today. Like other CDN, CloudFlare servers strategically located around the world to reduce the load time of your website by serving static files such as images, video, CSS, JavaScript from the data center to be located near people Most website visitors. In addition, CloudFlare to optimize the download speed of your web pages by compressing JavaScript files.

The advantage with CloudFlare, external host its strategic location, is a large volume of users worldwide use its services. Due to the large user community, CloudFlare has data better and more advanced security threats online different than other CDN.

When a security threat is identified on its website any public CloudFlare users, it is immediately added to the central database of them from where all its servers are informed about the threat. This dramatically reduces any potential threat to users CloudFlare.
Because of the flexibility, quality of service and the number of users at CloudFlare, some of the leading web hosting company, Bluehost and HostGator like, now offer it as a service with plans recommended hosting plan their standards.

Configure CloudFlare for your WordPress site

There are two ways to configure the CloudFlare WordPress website or blog. No matter whether your website built on any platform, or you have the right to rename the server or not. Here are two methods for you to do so:

Configuration via the cPanel hosting

As mentioned earlier, these services as Bluehost and HostGator hosting CloudFlare proposed as an additional option in the management of their cPanel.

Using CloudFlare CDN can improve general performance and powerful security capabilities to your website. CloudFlare CDN is leading on its website to help users improve the overall speed and security.

For site users small and medium or blog, even the free version of CloudFlare also good enough to improve the performance of the website chugn. However, the massive traffic blog or website business should care about the gender of CloudFlare charges to ensure maximum security and speed of web pages.Фильчаков прокуратура харьков

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