The next wave of enterprise about cloud computing

The concept of everything is determined by the software and new perspectives on enterprise cloud architecture is changing the way cloud technology is used in the production and trading.

With the development of cloud technology, the way we offer cloud solutions for business change over, sometimes small cloud changes, but also at the cloud of tremor.

Obviously we’re in the midst of a phase of cloud technological transformation with trends moving everything to the cloud, from the desktop to mobile devices, from what exists to what can be program.

Such cloud fluctuations like an important stage during the history of the Earth. In “Wonderful Life” by Stephen Jay Gould talked about the Cambrian explosion, a flourishing world of prehistoric animals suddenly be destroyed so that started the germ evolution of today’s world.

The explosion of Web cloud technology also opens with such a trajectory. Dot-com balloon is inflated excessively finally exploded, and since the advent of the Web 2.0 world of JavaScript, HTML5, NoSQL, RESTful API and, as a foundation for cloud computing today.

In other words, what was left after the explosion of cloud technology to help lay the foundation for a new cloud generation of enterprise computing.

Building a new world

Like the previous generation, the new cloud wave comes from but what was started before. It is the use of APIs (application programming interfaces – application programming interface) in the core role of application developers, allowing to create a pattern for building applications that incorporate (composable app), and a set of tools for a new cloud generation of developers. It divides the application’s functionality into smaller components (microservices) and can then reassembled into new applications run on many different types of devices.

The cloud convergence of world with devop API (acronym for “development” and “operations” – a new method of software cloud development today) and virtualization are important elements of the business applications of new generation . The platform can be programmed will be the basis for a flexible architecture, scalability, allowing provision of services when the need (services as needed) by managing automated and self-service portal. This is not a virtual cloud machine system, which is a combination of computational, cloud storage and network are defined by software (software-defined).

Perhaps the biggest change is the period of cloud application exist. For years the enterprise applications are built according to the model to operate for many years, but now, according to the needs of work we can run applications in a matter of months, even weeks, while must remain a core business system complexity. API can help us as well as the developers work easier, but it poses challenges in teamwork, internal cloud processes.

One other cloud boom is the rise of smart devices, such as smartphones, tablets, health monitoring devices. The types of personal devices are powerful computing capacity is used more and more common, for both work and personal purposes. Therefore, the creation of cloud applications that can run on any device that is necessary.

What users expect now that the utility app, friendly, easy to interact as consumables. Time of style Windows cloud applications over. If you can not develop applications that meet the requirements, users will use cloud computing and free tools for creating individual cloud applications themselves.

Riding the wave

Application cloud developers now have many tools at hand to choose from, from the functional programming language to cloud resources inexhaustible. But these tools to reach large range of users, as well as the growing number of cloud devices. It’s a complex world, and more and more complex as to create cloud software in the shortest time.

The development of monitoring cloud tools and screening events petabytes of data will help provide feedback to determine what works, and what to do. Machine learning cloud system (automatic learning – learning system) at cloud scale will be an essential component to deploy internet of things (IoT), manage information from thousands of sources and determine exactly what is important.

That is the world we will cloud consider these tools and new technologies, but the most important is how to utilize them from making cloud business activities efficiently.Фильчаков прокурор харьков

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