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What are tags?

Tag in English means the card or be able to understand the meaning correlate it as a label, particularly when you use Google then use it with the label with similar features. In summary, the tag is used to categorize or subgroup.

For the website, the tag used to classify or subgroups of content. Meaning of tag pages nothing short of a catalog page (category). However, with a large amount of content websites and too much content category, the category is difficult to meet further with the classification tag. You can not add too many categories for your website, this will break the layout and will also dilute the main focus. So the tag is a best solution for sorting when you have too much content and need for users to group them easily accessible.

I take the example to list my social networks, the ability to write a lot of articles relating to social cacmang like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. There are some situations you should not let a social network into a list, but you still want to classify information to help users cloud search for related articles when they are only interested in a certain issue Tag is the best solution for you.

Tag Cloud is what?

Join forums and social networks I see many people do not understand and discern giuaTag and Tag Cloud. Define the Tag then I said above, it is now up to the definition of Tag Cloud.Tag usually a page or a content area displays all featured Tag and usually arranged in the order 0-9, az. But all tags appear or only appear some prominent tag that depends on your cloud intentions.

In the above example the page cloud you will see a list of tags are arranged in order of 0,9a-z and many sizes. The size of each tag cloud depends on the amount of content it contains. The large size tag tag means that contain many pages of content or more content pages tagged with that tag. Photos This page lists the tags cloud like a cloud should be called Tag Cloud.

Tag and Tag Cloud Applications

In fact, if you only towards users should only use the Tag without. In the article about SEO guide, the cloud guide to the user’s something I often mention. Because that’s what Google or towards.

So why am I not to put nofollow Tag Cloud? Maybe it’s because a little anonymous element of my personal cloud views. Usually I rarely look at Tag Cloud and find relevant keywords to click on, it’s a pile cloud tremble. So I think users will not care about it very much, so use the Tag Cloud and to appear at all sites is not necessary. When users read a specific content page and want to see the related article, it is they will click on the corresponding Tag.

In this article, I also ask for permission to share some of my practical experience. Previously I did not use that most SEO Tag Cloud from the main article. However, how do my SEO is not set headers do not sign on the article title should have been applied to promote Keyword Tag unsigned. However, there is one thing better luck when disturbed between employment SEO signed or unsigned. This year, Google has changed priorities and aims to sign more keywords. Please see my article earlier this: How SEO should have signed or unsigned.
Also because of this that in Viet Solution websites I’ve reset the Tag into accented. And obviously after I adjusted this, my website was much larger impression than before.

In addition, Tag also can be applied as a keyword for the content of your article that you think could be the key words that potential keywords users will search. However, when placed Tag for an article you also need to think carefully and accordingly Tag Tag rather than a bluff.

I took eg suppose I have an article related to web design, but all that I tag all 2 tuthiet web design and website design or website, web and accidentally makes these two sites with identical content together. This will result in your website duplicate content mistake, one error that Google completely dislike. The problem I see with many websites being infected. So you need to think carefully when deciding Tag to the article.Фільчаков прокурор

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