The three noticeable “rookies” on the cloud storage market

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The cloud storage service “cult” today as Dropbox, Google Drive and SugarSync though proved handy level and efficiency for users but are considered unsafe in sewing security credit.

These files are encoded rarely, stitch data transfer often unprotected and cloud businesses can easily gain access to users’ files as “get something in their pocket …” ( even by way of legitimate, though they do not admit).

Documents such as business-plan produced by businesses and other important files from copy paper to use as a birth certificate must surely be protected.

Users can take advantage of a service provider cloud storage as extremely confidential or Tresorit Wuala, or may itself encrypt files before “pushing up” the cloud storage service large more like Dropbox.

1. Wuala

Price: 5GB are free; users will have to “open wallet” 4 USD / month for 20GB or higher levels. Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android.

Wuala encrypts files on the user’s computer before “shot” on the cloud storage service. Wuala is a cloud storage service by the company LaCie storage provided there is a difference compared to the service provider cloud storage is currently leading in two points.

File cloud encryption on the client side: All of the user files are encoded at their computer before sending it to cloud storage, ensuring that even when stitching data transmission is not encrypted, the Also can not read this data if they are leaking.

This procedure has a higher cloud security process data transfer is secured mainly by no one (except users) have access to their own information.

Security vulnerability unique is that users do not ever forget your password Wuala because it is the only way to be able to open their files.

Password Policy “No disclosures”

Only the user knows the password, so they are the only person able to access your account.
Wuala staff can not see the password of the user or can be seen in the form of raw data (such as the number and size of files). Therefore, even if the government has closed Wuala and request the transfer of the files of the user, this will mean nothing to those who get them without a password.

In terms of security, acting as the Wuala cloud storage services available in the market. Users simply download the application to your computer Wuala and services will install a special sync folder, and users can drag files to store personal computers both at home and in the cloud you.

Wuala also provides hosting services and creating backup versions of files or recover accidentally erased their earlier.

2. Tresorit

Price: 5GB are free; 100GB with prices starting at 7 USD / month. Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android.

Tresorit the service provider hosting provider “a cloud storage service real security.” The security features include encryption of the user, transmit confidential information, and the information security center is equipped with the security measures “field” to prevent unauthorized snooping storage and backup systems.

Tresorit allows users to secure any folder on the computer or their mobile devices, not just in one particular area that this service generates.

Just as Wuala, Tresorit encrypted user data in their computers to help ensure files are protected by 100%.

Tresorit also apply password policy “not to disclose information,” meaning that no one, including the hackers “summit”, which can steal passwords or decryption.

Of course, the “Achilles heel” of this policy is that if the user forgets the password, then regarded as complete loss of data in the cloud.

The main difference of Tresorit than Wuala and the cloud storage service is the ability orthodox turn any folder on your computer or mobile device of the user into a “Tresor” safe.
This means users do not have to drag and drop files into a special folder synchronization. Instead, users simply right-click on an existing folder and “Tresor” it.

This is especially convenient if the user has arranged a stable and do not want to rearrange the files into a folder other synchronization capabilities.

3. McAfee Personal Locker

Price: Free 1GB LiveSafe McAfee subscribers. Supported Platforms: Windows 8, iOS, Android.

McAfee Personal Locker is a cloud storage service where users can manage through a smart phone or other mobile device using Windows 8 operating system.

This service has the capacity to store up to 1 GB, and users can access from anywhere, but only after overcoming a series of security fences.

McAfee Personal Locker using face recognition and voice along with a password to protect data.

This app will recognize your voice and biological data (face) of the user and a password to identify users before allowing them to access the file.

Users can choose to set the level of security for different files (such as low levels of security, only to enter a password to access).

Personal Locker will work quite well for important documents which the user may need to access from any location, such as legal documents, health parameters itself, or a copy of passport and birth certificate.

Free Personal Locker with McAfee LiveSafe subscribers – usually must pay 80 USD / year for vendors.

4. Self-encoding in particular computer – Information Security Solutions “simple and inexpensive” most

The switch to a service provider cloud storage that can cause discomfort, time-consuming and can be a financial decision wrong for people to use, especially when the supplier as Copy solicitation to 20GB of storage for free.

If users do not care about the cloud storage service new, they may still use encryption features for customers to secure their files, while continuing to use the services of the service providers hosting large cloud.

Free applications like TrueCrypt lets users encrypt files in the collection mucDropbox. Users will need to install software TrueCrypt on any mobile device they want to access data from it.лобановский обыск

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